Thematics :

  1. Biobased Economy, Biorefineries, Materials and Chemicals, Sustainability
  2. BioPharmaceutical Process Development and Manufacturing
  3. Performance and Control of Bioreactors
  4. Bioprocess Integration and Intensification
  5. Bioengineering at the Micro scale level
  6. Molecular Bioengineering, Systems Biology and Metabolic Engineering
  7. Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing
  8. Purification of Biomolecules
  9. Continuous Biomanufacturing
  10. Marine Bioengineering
  11. Biocatalysis
  12. Biosensors
  13. Optimization of Biomanufacturing (modeling, simulations, disposables and others)
  14. Bioprocessing for Food Engineering
  15. Life supporting systems for Space exploration (in connection with European Space Agency)