About the Congress 
C[size=13.3333]oVet is a concept Congress dealing with controversial topics in veterinary medicine, with a special emphasis on stimulating open debate, finding solutions and reaching partial or full consensus in cases where no agreed-upon answers exist. Worldwide experts and leading animal health companies will provide scientists and veterinarians with fresh insight and take-home messages that ameliorate disease treatment and clinical management in the most difficult situations. [/size][size=13.3333] [/size]
Inspiring debates and stimulating discussions on hot topics will include:

Infectious Diseases & Vaccinations / Inflammatory Diseases and Biomarkers / Neoplastic Diseases / Genetics/ One Health  / Comparative Medicine / Musculoskeletal System/ Nutrition and Management
Scientific Program
International interdisciplinary Opinion Leaders will discuss and debate in over 30 sessions on current issues.   
Join the world's most comprehensive veterinary congress for a rich scientific program focusing on the latest developments in practice and research.
Call for Abstracts
Participants interested in presenting an oral or poster presentation are invited to submit an abstract. All abstracts will undergo peer review by the Scientific Committee and may be accepted for oral or poster presentation. Suitable abstracts will be considered for the Breakthrough & Innovation Session.
Submission Deadline: July 7, 2014
Free Communications
10 sessions are scheduled in the scientific program for oral presentations which will be selected amongst the abstracts received.
Breakthrough & Innovation Session
The Breakthrough & Innovation Session is a new approach at CoVet with the aim to enhance science and research in the field of Veterinary medicine. The session will be built from suitable abstracts received and considered by the scientific committee