ICOB 7 — The International Conference on Biopesticides 7
 Dates19 Oct 2014 → 25 Oct 2014[ID=649725] 
 LieuAntalya, Turquie
 Page webhttp://www.icob7.org/
 Sujets apparentésChimie alimentaire et agronomie
6.Orthopterists' Special Interest Group
 Date de début05 Nov 2014[ID=649750] 
 LieuNatural History Museum, London, Royaume-Uni
 Page webhttp://www.royensoc.co.uk/content/orthopterists-special-interest-group-5th-november-2014
7.The 11th Arab Congress of Plant Protection
 Dates09 Nov 2014 → 13 Nov 2014[ID=649680] 
 LieuAmman, Jordanie
 Page webhttp://acpp.bau.edu.jo/default1.htm
 Sujets apparentésChimie alimentaire et agronomie; Botanique
8.The 2014 Entomological Collections Network Meeting
 Dates15 Nov 2014 → 16 Nov 2014[ID=649723] 
 LieuPortland, États-Unis
 Page webhttp://www.ecnweb.org/2014_meeting/registration
9.The Second International Symposium on Insects
 Dates01 Dec 2014 → 03 Dec 2014[ID=649788] 
 LieuMelaka, Malaisie
 Page web[url=http://www.entoma.net/Event 2014.html]http://www.entoma.net/Event 2014.html[/url]
10.The 8th International Integrated Pest Management Symposium
 Dates23 Mar 2015 → 26 Mar 2015[ID=649787] 
 LieuSalt Lake City, Utah, États-Unis
 Page webhttp://www.ipmcenters.org/ipmsymposium12/
 Sujets apparentésChimie alimentaire et agronomie
11.Science for Parks, Parks for Science: The Next Century
 Dates25 Mar 2015 → 27 Mar 2015[ID=649605] 
 LieuBerkeley, Californie, États-Unis
 RésuméA 2.5-day Summit at U.C. Berkeley March 25-27, 2015 convening natural and social scientists, managers and practitioners -- 100 years after historic meetings at U.C. Berkeley helped launch the National Park Service -- to rededicate a second century of science and stewardship for national parks. This summit will feature visionary plenary lectures, strategic panel discussions on current controversies, and technical sessions of contributed paper and posters.
 Page webhttp://www.xcdsystem.com/parksforscience/website/index.cfm
12.Meetings Congrés - Canadian Society of Zoologists
 Dates25 Mai 2015 → 29 Mai 2015[ID=649576] 
 LieuUniversity of Calgary, Canada
 Page webhttp://www.csz-scz.ca/meetings.html
13.The 4th International Forum for Surveillance and Control of Mosquitoes and Mosquito-borne Diseases
 Dates25 Mai 2015 → 29 Mai 2015[ID=649764] 
 LieuPlace in Guangzhou, Guangdong, Chine
 Page webhttp://www.mosquitoforum.net/EN/volumn/home.shtml
14.95th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists
 Dates12 Jui 2015 → 16 Jui 2015[ID=649563] 
 LieuJacksonville, Florida , États-Unis
 Page webhttp://www.mammalsociety.org/meetings
15.Gordon Research Conference — Barrier Function of Mammalian Skin 2015
 Dates16 Aou 2015 → 21 Aou 2015[ID=647936] 
 LieuWaterville Valley, États-Unis
 RésuméThis conference represents the primary international research forum on the mammalian barrier, and is focused on biophysical, biological, and clinical aspects of barrier formation and function in health and disease. To highlight important and novel perspectives, the organizers have assembled an outstanding list of speakers describing their most-recent research. This popular conference is generally fully- to-over-subscribed, which makes it possible to accept an optimal mix of attendees from academics, industry and government, as well as a mix of young and established scientists. The organizers have made a concerted effort to recruit speakers and encourage attendees from around the world. This Barrier Gordon Conference will provide new insights into the origin, function, maintenance, and repair of the mammalian skin barrier, including the penetration of drugs and exclusion of toxins and pathogens. An array of important topics has been selected, with sessions and/or presentations.
 Page webhttp://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=10945
 Sujets apparentésBiologie
16.ECM7 — VIIth European Congress of Mammalogy
 Dates16 Aou 2015 → 22 Aou 2015[ID=649551] 
 LieuStockholm, Suède
 Page webhttps://lists.su.se/mailman/listinfo/ecm7-at-zoologi.su.se
17.IPPC — The XVII International Plant Protection Congress
 Dates24 Aou 2015 → 27 Aou 2015[ID=647384] 
 LieuBerlin, Allemagne
 RésuméOn behalf of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS) and the local organisations responsible for organising this International Plant Protection Congress series, we are pleased to invite you to attend and contribute to this 18th Congress. The program of activities being developed is aimed to address many of the key issues faced by farmers, governments and plant protection scientists in meeting the challenge of designing and implementing appropriate and sustainable plant protection measures.
 Page webhttp://www.ippc2015.de/
 Sujets apparentésChimie alimentaire et agronomie; Botanique
18.The Ento'15 International Symposium of the Royal Entomological Society on Insect Ecosystem Services
 Dates02 Sep 2015 → 04 Sep 2015[ID=649829] 
 LieuDublin, Irlande
 Page webhttp://www.royensoc.co.uk/meetings
19.Entomological Society of America 2015 Annual Meeting
 Dates14 Nov 2015 → 18 Nov 2015[ID=649034] 
 LieuMinneapolis, États-Unis
 RésuméThe ESA Annual Meeting is the PREMIER event for the world of entomology. If the entomological sciences are your passion, we have a world of research, education, networking and information just waiting for you! Plan to join 3,000 researchers, professors, graduate and undergraduate students, extension service personnel, administrators, research technicians, consultants, and others from around the globe for four days of science, networking and fun. This is the most important annual conference anywhere in the world for the science of entomology.
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index
20.Meetings Congrés - Canadian Society of Zoologists
 Dates08 Mai 2016 → 13 Mai 2016[ID=649564] 
 LieuUniversity of Western Ontario, Canada
 Page webhttp://www.csz-scz.ca/meetings.html
21.ESA Annual Meeting — Entomology 2016 and the XXV International Congress of Entomology
 Dates25 Sep 2016 → 30 Sep 2016[ID=649571] 
 LieuOrlando, Florida, États-Unis
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index
22.The XXV International Congress of Entomology
 Dates25 Sep 2016 → 30 Sep 2016[ID=649773] 
 LieuOrlando, Florida, États-Unis
 RésuméThe 2016 ESA Annual Meeting and the 2016 Entomological Society of Canada meeting will be held simultaneously in Orlando.
 Page webhttp://ice2016orlando.org/
23.ESA Annual Meeting — Entomology 2017
 Dates05 Nov 2017 → 08 Nov 2017[ID=649636] 
 LieuDenver, Colorado, États-Unis
 OrganisateurEntomological Society of America
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index
24.ESA Annual Meeting — Entomology 2018
 Dates11 Nov 2018 → 14 Nov 2018[ID=649591] 
 LieuVancouver, Canada
 OrganisateurEntomological Society of America
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index
25.ESA Annual Meeting — Entomology 2019
 Dates17 Nov 2019 → 20 Nov 2019[ID=649678] 
 LieuSt. Louis, Missouri, États-Unis
 OrganisateurEntomological Society of America
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index
26.ESA Annual Meeting — Entomology 2020
 Dates15 Nov 2020 → 18 Nov 2020[ID=649622] 
 LieuOrlando, Florida, États-Unis
 OrganisateurEntomological Society of America
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index
27.ESA Annual Meeting — Entomology 2021
 Dates14 Nov 2021 → 17 Nov 2021[ID=649610] 
 LieuDenver, Colorado, États-Unis
 OrganisateurEntomological Society of America
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index
28.ESA Annual Meeting — Entomology 2022
 Dates13 Nov 2022 → 16 Nov 2022[ID=649697] 
 LieuVancouver, Canada
 OrganisateurEntomological Society of America
 Page webhttp://www.entsoc.org/am/fm/index