Omics publishing group is organizing World Congress on Beneficial Microbes: Food, Pharma, Aqua & Beverages Industry on August, 25-27, 2015 Valencia, Spain. The theme of the conference is “Exploiting the power of Microbes for the Industrial Development”. This congress is expecting audience such as experts from food microbiology, aquaculture microbiology, probiotics, and experts from academics as well as industrial microbiology.
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International symposium on Bacteriophages - beneficial microbes at their best
Alexander Sulakvelidze,Vice-President, Research and Development,Chief Scientist,Intralytix, Inc., USA 
Valencia is the third largest city in the Spain. Valencia’s port is the biggest on the Mediterranean western coast. And due to its location western coast makes it a big contributor in the Spanish aquaculture market. There is huge amount of micro flora on the coastal area. Valencia is also major exporter Food and beverages through-out the Spain as well as Europe. There are total 94 aquaculture companies in Spain. And there are 13 major food and beverages companies. Spain is the biggest wine producer in the world. Spain overall produced 50 million hectolitres (6.7 billion bottles) of wine in 2013, a 41 percent surge from 2012. There are 7 major pharmaceutical companies in Spain which are producing microbial pharmaceutical products. There is only one university in Valencia which is conducting research on microbes. Approximately 20000-30000 researchers working in the field of microbiology. There are Total approx. 738 aquaculture companies in Europe. And their total turnover is around 1982.2 million euros. For more Details
Conference Highlights
[*]Genetic Engineering of Microbes
[*]Microbes in Fermentation Processes
[*]Food, Agriculture And Microbes
[*]Microbes In Aquaculture
[*]Beverages Industry
[*]Parameter of Microbial Growth
[*]Medical Application of Microbes
[*]Microbes Potential Uses
[*]Microbial Metabolites
[*]Microbial Ecology