The Howard Foundation awards a limited number of fellowships each year for independent projects in selected fields, targeting its support specifically to early mid-career individuals, those who have achieved recognition for at least one major project. Approximately ten fellowships of $33,000 will be awarded in April 2015 for 2015-2016 in the fields of
Creative Writing (Fiction), Creative Writing (Poetry), and Philosophy

Howard Fellowships are intended primarily to provide artists, scholars, and writers with time to complete their work. They are not intended for publication subsidies, for equipment purchase, for preparation of exhibits, or to support institutional programs. The deadline for submission of applications is November 1, 2014. Fellowship recipients will be announced in April 2015.
Fellowships are offered in a five-year sequence of fields. Successful candidates are given the option of postponing receipt of their fellowship, so as to make the Howard competition accessible to those whose personal plans do not line up exactly with the year in which awards are offered in their fields.
Candidates establish their eligibility for a Howard Fellowship by answering a series of questions as part of the application process. Two copies of the completed application materials should be mailed to the Howard Foundation with a postmark dated not later than November 1, 2014.
The George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation was established in 1952 by Nicea Howard in memory of her grandparents. Miss Howard had a special interest in furthering the personal development of promising individuals at the crucial middle stages of their careers in the liberal and creative arts.
The Howard Foundation Lecture is an occasional series for which the Foundation invites a former Fellow to the Brown University campus for a public presentation in his or her area of expertise.