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Axol Science Scholarship $2000 award for life-science undergrad and graduate students

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MessageSujet: Axol Science Scholarship $2000 award for life-science undergrad and graduate students Lun 15 Juin 2015 - 18:57

Axol Bioscience is excited to offer future life scientists the opportunity to receive $2000 in funding for any life science related degree program.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must be enrolled or accepted for a graduate or undergraduate degree for the 15/16 academic year at a recognised university
  • The degree program / research area must be in a life science field with a 'wet-lab' component (bench-based research such as molecular or cell biology)
  • Open worldwide

How to apply
Follow these steps to apply:

  • Email us at with the following documents and information:

    • Your resume/CV, including undergraduate transcripts/grades
    • Written confirmation from a recognised university of enrolment or acceptance to a life science-related degree program
    • An original article of at least 1000 words written by you on a topical life-science subject, for example “The Future Application of Stem Cell Technologies in Neuroscience Research".  See the 'article guidelines' below for more information about what we are looking for.

The deadline for the 2015/16 scholarship application is 30th June 2015
Any applications received after 1st July 2015 will be rolled forwards for inclusion the 2016/2017 scholarship process

Article guidelines
The submitted article can be based on primary research, however it should not be an already published piece of work (to avoid copyright issues).  It should be something that wouldn't look out of place on a science blog, so an editorial / review-type piece is favourable.  It should be at least 1000 words long.  If it is newsworthy or relating to something currently in the popular press it may appeal to a wider group of people.
Frequently asked article questions
"Is my thesis proposal suitable for the article?"
A thesis proposal isn't appropriate as it isn't an editorial article
"Can I use a paper I have recently published?"
You cannot use a paper as this is published work and there may be copyright issues.  A review of several publications however would be acceptable
"Does the article have to be based on my own research?"
"Does the article have to be related to products that Axol sells?"

No to both; the article can be based on any life-science subject
"I already have my PhD, can I apply?"
"I have just submitted my thesis, can I apply?"

In order to be eligible you must be registered with your institution as a PhD, Masters or undergraduate student for the 15/16 academic year.  If you are awarded your PhD or degree before June 30th you will not be eligible for the award.
"Can medical students apply?"
To be eligible you must be studying for a life-science degree.  Medical, veterinary and pharmacy disciplines are not eligible for this award.
"Can I apply for this and your travel awards?"
Yes, there is no restriction on the number of awards we offer that you can apply for 
"Is there any fee or payment required?"
No.  We never ask for any money or credit card details.

Selection process

We will review all applicants and the winner of the scholarship will be notified via email no later than 24th July 2015
Selection is based 50% on academic achievement and 50% on the article submitted; we are looking for an original piece with scientific interest.  The winner’s article may be published on the Axol blog.
One scholarship is available for 2015/16
Privacy and General Terms

  • Once the selection process has completed your application information will not be retained
  • We will not pass on your information or any of your application to any third parties
  • No fee is required for the scholarship application
  • There are no restrictions on how this money can be used by the recipient
  • The decision from the Axol Scholarship Committee is final
  • Proof of identity may be required
  • It is the recipients responsibility to inform the appropriate academic office that you have received the award (often outside awards must be disclosed to your admissions office)
  • The award will be paid to your institute or department for disbursement to you

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Axol Science Scholarship $2000 award for life-science undergrad and graduate students
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