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Facebook Awards for Creative Work and Excellence

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MessageSujet: Facebook Awards for Creative Work and Excellence Sam 5 Mar 2016 - 12:34

For years, Facebook Inc. has celebrated the best creative work on its platform via the Facebook Awards, as chosen by some of the top creatives in the industry so as to set the bar for creative growth and evolution on Facebook. See previous Facebook Studio Award calls.

In 2016, the Facebook Awards will grow to identify, share and honor even more creative work from around the world, setting the bar for creativity on Facebook and beyond. This year, the categories include Best Use of Facebook Platforms, Beyond Facebook/Integrated, Innovation, Small Business, and Facebook for Good.

Submissions for the 2016 Facebook Award will open January 8, 2016. See below for details of entry. Best of luck, and may the best campaigns win!

The Facebook Awards are open to campaigns that ran between February 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016. Submissions may be entered into, and may potentially win, multiple categories. Please enter into the category you feel best represents your campaign.
Your Submission should:

  • Feature work that is part of a creative, innovative Facebook-centric campaign.

  • Highlight the ways your campaign(s) used Facebook marketing tools, such as Facebook Ads, Page Publishing, advanced targeting and/or how it was integrated with other forms of media.

  • Include a case study or non-confidential campaign metrics that highlight why the campaign was a success.

  • Comply with Facebook format and technical guidelines and specifications.

The demonstration of creativity is the core criterion of the Facebook Awards. In all categories judges will look for its expression through innovation, originality and executional excellence. They will weigh the core insight that drove the campaign, the value the content offered the consumer and how well it met the proposed business objectives.
Additionally, they are interested in seeing how Facebook, as a creative canvas, played a role in the campaign. In short, they look for brilliant, inspired work that changes the way the industry approaches content publishing and sets the bar at new heights.
Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries worldwide may apply
Fields of study
Creative work on Facebook on ANY area of human endeavor is welcomed
Number of awards
Multiple categories are judged and awarded. Submissions may potentially win multiple categories.
Category Overview:
1). Best Use of Facebook Platform: Awarded to the most creative, original and well-executed Facebook and/or Instagram campaign concepts. Also keep in mind that results matter. Facebook is looking for impactful business outcome.
2). Beyond Facebook/Integrated: Awarded to campaigns that creatively use Facebook and/or Instagram as part of a larger, overall media mix.
3). Innovation: Awarded to campaigns that engage audiences we’ve never seen before in relevant and meaningful ways. It can be technologically impressive, like the development and implementation of groundbreaking mobile technology. Or it can be an experiential masterpiece, like the creation of innovative social media experiences.
4). Small Business: For the first time ever, Facebook is recognizing its small business advertisers who have explored Facebook platforms in a creative way, earning eye-opening results within their audiences. Winners will be those who successfully captured the attention of local audiences and drove gained results with creative thinking on Facebook and Instagram.
5). Facebook for Good: Awarded to charitable/non-profit org campaigns that creatively and successfully raise awareness and drive positive social change using Facebook or Instagram. Past winners haven’t just got Likes and shares—they’ve made national and international news thanks to creative that inspires new action for little known causes, or further invigorates ongoing ones.
Award benefits
Facebook presents winners with its Bronze, Silver, Gold and Blue Awards.
As the Facebook Awards’ highest honor, the Jury presents the Blue Award to just one outstanding campaign each year. They will select the winner from the pool of campaigns that win a Gold Award.
While only one Blue Award will be granted, the Jury judges work independently. A single category may have winners in one or all four of the award levels. There is no limit to the number of awards that can be given at each level.
Method of Application
All qualifying applicants can submit work for awards consideration by selecting "Submit Work" on any page of Facebook Studio. There is no entry fee. Original work can be in any language, but submissions must be in English.
It is important to visit the official award website (link to it is below) for complete information and submission of your work.
The 2016 Awards open for entries on January 8, 2016, and close on April 1
Winners will be announced in early June.
The Facebook Studio Awards offer an opportunity to receive international recognition and have the top minds in the industry reward your work for creative excellence. It’s also a chance to get exposure through Facebook’s marketing channels and add some sweet hardware to your shelf.
Application Deadline: 1 April 2016
Open to International Applicants: Yes


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Facebook Awards for Creative Work and Excellence
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