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Small Grants in Medical Humanities and Social Science. UK

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MessageSujet: Small Grants in Medical Humanities and Social Science. UK Jeu 2 Nov 2017 - 6:56

Small Grants fund programmes of activities that enable researchers to establish and develop networks, explore new areas of research and increase the impact of their work.

[size=32]Scheme at a glance[/size]

Career stage:

Early, Intermediate, Senior, Returning to research

Where your host organisation is based:

UK, Republic of Ireland, Low- and middle-income countries

Level of funding:

Usually up to £30,000

Duration of funding:

Flexible, usually 6 to 12 months but can be longer
Eligibility and suitability

Who can apply

You can apply for a Small Grant if you’re a humanities and social science researcher who wants to do one or more of the following:

  • establish and develop professional networks
  • explore new areas of research
  • increase the impact of your work.

You must propose a programme of events or activities, not one-off events or activities.
The programme could include a combination of different activities. Examples of eligible activities include:

  • organising conferences (including annual conferences), seminars, meetings or workshops
  • carrying out developmental or exploratory research projects, including archival scoping or proof of concept work.

Your activities could involve policy makers, healthcare practitioners or other groups relevant to your research.
You should apply through a university or other research organisation based in the UK, Republic of Ireland or a low- or middle-income country. 

What you should consider

When applying, you should state:

  • your experience and contributions in this area of research 
  • what you want to achieve with your programme of activities
  • how your activities will link together to achieve your aims
  • who your partners, stakeholders and participants will be
  • the budget for your activities.

Current grantholders

Our current humanities and social science grantholders can apply for a Small Grant to enhance their existing award so that they can explore new opportunities or research ideas.

Who can't apply

You can't apply if you want to:

  • organise a one-off event
  • travel to and attend a conference  
  • write up a book
  • undertake an academic course, such as a Master's degree or PhD
  • extend a current humanities and social science grant to complete activities relating to your original aims – instead, please email hssgrants@wellcome.ac.uk
  • engage with a non-specialist public audience – instead see our Provision for Public Engagement within Research Grants.

Other schemes

Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science

Helping researchers develop compelling and innovative ideas that will go on to form part of larger grant applications to Wellcome or elsewhere.
Full details of Seed Awards in Humanities and Social Science

Scheme finder

What we offer

How to apply

You must submit your application through the Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker (WTGT).
Start your application(opens in a new tab)

Stages of application

Submit your full application
You must submit your application through the Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker(opens in a new tab).
Sample full application form for Seed Awards and Small Grants in Humanities and Social Science [PDF 970KB]
Review and decision
Wellcome staff review applications on a regular basis. There are no interviews. We aim to give you a decision within 14 weeks of receiving your application. In most cases, feedback won’t be provided to unsuccessful applicants.


There are no deadlines for this scheme – you can apply online at any time.


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Small Grants in Medical Humanities and Social Science. UK
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